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I created the Apprenticeship Academy because I saw the same thing time and time again in Schools and Sixth Forms across the UK; a fabulous UCAS provision and a "requires improvement" Apprenticeship provision.

It is easy to analyse why, the UCAS process is easy with it's set deadlines and reliable process. Whereas every apprenticeship employer has a completely different recruitment process, making it difficult to know how to best prepare our young people.

I'm here to take that worry away and ensure every young person has access to learn about apprenticeships.


Refer your seekers to the Apprenticeship Academy and rest assured they're learning all the tools they need to be successful on their journey.

It costs just £150 per academic year to become an Apprenticeship Acdemy member school.

Member benefits

Membership schools and colleges are able to refer as many Year 10, 11, 12 and 13 students to the three Apprenticeship Academy programmes that run each year; beginning in September, February and June.

You will receive access to all the resources you need to launch the programme including a poster, leaflet, introduction presentation, email to send home and wording for your website. 

You have the choice to either send your students the sign up link to complete themselves or you can complete a group referral for all your students.

You will receive a list of who has signed up to participate at the beginning of the programme and an attendance report at the end of the programme.

Read our Reviews

Read reviews from previous participants, school professionals and speakers on our Trust Pilot account.

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